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    For thousands of years this warm, intelligent creature of the sea has captivated us.

    Dolphin Discovery operates dolphin, manatee and sea life interaction activities throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. So no matter where you might be going, there are many Atlantic Bottle-nosed dolphins, sea lions and manatees with whom you can share part of your vacation! However, Cozumel boasts the most popular dolphin activity center in the Caribbean! With up to 40 cruise ships visiting the island each week, advance reservations are a must!
    Several different dolphin interactive programs offer you the opportunity to meet and swim with some of the ocean's most amazing creatures! Tursiops truncatus, otherwise known as the Bottle-Nosed dolphin, is a very social animal and waiting for a visit from you! In addition to the dolphins, Cozumel also offers visitors the chance to play with sea lions and manatees! Sea lions are playful, expressive and provide a gentle view of nature. Manatees are peaceful and relaxed and provide lots of family fun memories! An interactive experience with any or all of these intelligent, incredible animals will give you a new appreciation for marine life and all that mankind continues to discover about them.

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    Currently Carnival, Disney, Princess, Holland & Costa cruise lines are actively RESTRICTING tour providers from accepting outside reservations for activities including the Dolphin Royal Swim, Dolphin Swim Adventure and Dive with Dolphins.

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